How To Treat Migraine Effectively?

How To Treat Migraine Effectively

A migraine is generally a type of a headache that occurs persistently. This is a sickness mainly cause due to hereditary factors, or due to disturbances in the environment. An overwhelming change in the hormone levels of the adolescent body can also bring about moderate to severe headaches.

Sometimes migraines are known to last as long as two to three days constantly, at a stretch because of stress and tension. It can increase due to physical activity as well. The side effects of this disease include uneasiness, vomiting, and sensitivity to some senses like sound, smell or sight.

In allopathic treatments, there is no permanent cure. Painkillers such as paracetamols can be of temporary use. Coffee can also help sometimes. However, these are only temporary and the pain always comes back soon. They are also known to cause permanent damage to the body including livers and kidneys if used for a long time. Ayurveda, on the other hand, has been proved to be very effective and useful to curb down a migraine.

Here are a few reliable ayurvedic remedies to treat a migraine:

  • Shirolepa: It essentially means massage of the forehead gently with pastes made from ayurvedic herbs. Before covering the forehead with the paste, cover the body with medicated herbal oil. After applying the oil, make a paste of certain natural ayurvedic elements such as sandalwood (Chandan), jatamansi and camphor (kappur). After applying the paste, cover it up with a leaf and relax for an hour. After the stipulated time, remove the paste and again apply the medicated oil to your body. After this step, take a short bath with warm water. Your migraine will disappear and your body will feel energised and rejuvenated.
  • Shiro Dhara: This is an ayurvedic method where a thin stream of warm fluid is poured over the scalp from a certain height. This process requires natural medicated oils such as Chandanadi taila and Ksheerbala taila. Buttermilk and cow milk can also be used. Problems like these are known to be effective for both Vata and Pitta Doshas. Processes like these should be absolutely avoided during pregnancies.
  • Kavala Graha: It means oil pulling. Ayurvedic herbal oils such as Mahanarayana taila and Chandanadi taila should only be used for these kinds of treatments. Kavala Graha is known to detoxify your body of all the accumulated wastes.
  • Sneha Nasya And Shirovasti: In the Sneha Nasya process, oil drops are given to your nasal holes to relieve the pain from the migraine attacks. Anu Taila and Shadbindu Taila should be specifically used to get the best results. Shirovasti method includes accumulation of medicated oils in a leather cap over your head for a certain period of time.

Ayurveda also suggests having a good amount of sleep, a proper balanced diet and intake of adequate amount of water to decrease the attacks of a migraine. There are other useful Ayurvedic medications which can be taken manually as directed by physicians. To get the medicines and herbs to reduce migraine purchase the best products at affordable prices only from

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