Migraine Explained

Migraine is a health condition that causes occurrences of severe headache, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. About 1 in 12 men and about 1 in 4 women develop migraine at one or the other time in their lives.

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A migraine is an intense and extremely painful type of a headache that is common both in children and adults. The gruelling pain during migraines can last for a few hours to a few days. Migraines start with an array of sensory disturbances followed by serious, usually one-sided headaches... Read more

Reason Behind Migraine

Although the exact cause of migraine is still unknown, environmental factors and genetics are often attributed to the occurrence of such condition. Migraine attack may be caused due to changes in interactions of the brainstem with trigeminal nerve, which is the primary pain pathway. Imbalance in certain chemicals such as serotonin may also trigger migraine.

  • Diet and Lifestyle

    Avoid regular intake of pain mitigating medicines. Make sure you sleep (at least 7 hours a day) and eat at regular intervals... Read more

  • Diagnosis

    If you have a family history of migraines or symptoms of migraine, a doctor trained for treating headaches like neurologist... Read more

  • Causes

    While there is no definitive cause of migraine known to scientists, it is usually seen after a change in weather conditions, stress... Read more

  • Treatment

    Ayurvedic therapies like Shirolepa (Application of herbal pastes which pacify Pitta Dosha like Sandalwood, camphor, Jatamansi)... Read more